Monday, 23 June 2014

Proteus Down

A lot of people fish the regular way, with rod and reel – other people fish with a net, or harpoons. And then there are those fantastic people that fish with explosives. Well I’ve found out how those poor fish feel, I nibbled on some bait and then got my whole life exploded by overwhelming force. It was fantastic, I would do it again.

My first T3 loss happened during a fairly short session on eve last week.  I hadn’t been able to get on much in the week so I was itching to get into space and do something. There were three of us online and we were on coms having a laugh at each other’s expense when a potential target was spotted in the static. A tengu was poking about so we set about trying to catch him. Suddenly one of the guys called point on a legion on the entrance to our home; I turned around and warped back to the action.  At that time it was the legion vs my proteus, a loki and an Ishtar, we were chewing threw his armor when he jumped back into retreat.

Before I continue I’d like to do a small ‘hindsight’ assessment: We knew there was a tengu with the same tag in space. It was far too easy to catch the legion and he was tanked well. We had no eyes in our home and hadn’t scanned down the chain properly, oh and we had no back up. But what the hell do those things matter when you could get into a sweet fight……. right?!

So, of course, I followed him through. As I dropped my session cloak he targeted me and scrambled me – this is where I knew things were about to go very, very wrong; he was smart, I was not. I burned into a close orbit and light up my blasters. Just as I did that my overview filled up, a bubble went up and the colour and moisture content of my pants changed significantly. In all there were many t3s, 3 guardians and a HIC versus our three ships. 

There was nothing to do, no point in even trying to panic, I thought for a second about trying to escape but it was useless, they had dangled a juicy worm in front of us and we bit. Then we were harpooned and exploded in glorious style, props to the ‘bad guys’ they had a very well set up and executed gank.

As I was going down I figured I should use this experience to my advantage, I overheated everything and tried to survive for as long as possible. I was pleasantly surprised with my proteus’ ability to tank, I managed to stay alive long enough to burn out all of my mods and kiss my exotic dancers goodbye. In the end the inevitable happened and I exploded and was podded, a long with my corp mates loki.

It was refreshing to be ganked in a way. I had gotten complacent; we dove into that fight without a moment’s thought and got our just reward! Sometimes wormhole space seems to feel safe, and we should be grateful that Bob sends the big bad wolf from time to time – it keeps wspace fresh, at least for me!


  1. You have to love the irony of those dancers dropping in the loot. Hopefully your ambushers have taken them and put them in a place of honor in their hanger or better yet, are now flying with them in true glory to Bob.

  2. Haha yes, I am glad they dropped to dance another day. Perhaps one day I'll be able to rescue them!