Sunday, 29 June 2014

Moros Rescue

Ever shut your door realizing you haven't got your keys? 

It was a quiet morning in the wormhole, Hehulk, Ya Huei, and myself were finding our current chain from the previous night quite stale.  In a quest to provide ourselves with some content we decided to roll.  I must confess to knowing absolutely nothing about the mechanics and nuances of closing a wormhole - but the guys seem to have got it nailed.  Except this morning. Through goes the Moros, down goes the hole. Oh Cock. Silence took over coms. Then nervous laughter took over coms. Then actual laughter took over coms. We assessed the situation and things looked sub-ideal. The Moros was not equipped with probes and it had no jump fuel, it did however have a cloak.

Content generated - OP success.

The C5s had 4 connections to nullsec space, and luckily very little activity. So things were looking okay - but we really really really needed to get a scout into the C5s with the Moros. Myself and Huei, now joined by a couple of others started to furiously scan down the new chain in order to look for a way into K space, and Hehulk (the Moros pilot of the moment) set about working out which nullsec connection was more favorable.

Hulk worked out two options - both two cyno jumps away from decent lowsec space, and both through quiet nullsec. He then safe logged the huge ship as we managed to find a way back out into K-Space.  Ya Huei made his way out of our new chain in order to try and enter our old chain and work his way back to the stranded ship, which he managed. We were now in a much better situation; the Moros was safe logged and we had a scout with it in system.

We found that one of the two ideal nullsec systems was still open but EoL, so Huei jumped in, there were a few in local but we didn't have much choice, so safes were made and the Moros was logged back in, jumped into nullsec, and made it into an off-grid safe and safely logged off. Very smoothly done and we all breathed a small sigh of relief. Now to get fuel to the dread and jump it towards the safety of a station. 

Huei scanned for a way in but was defeated by real life, so it was decided a blockade runner of fuel should be run down the pipe to lowsec. A decision that ended.. Well...  And by well I mean a lost blockade runner and a lost 200mil ransom. Pirates just ain't what they used to be. 

Soured by this loss I vented my frustrations by scanning. And a scanning. And scanning. And scanning. And well you get the jist. 

Eventually I found a route that let me jump from highsec, into a c3 and then into nulsec only 7 very quiet jumps away from the stranded dread! 

A sigil was loaded with oxygen isotopes and successfully made it. Wahey! Dread fuelled! And with that we got the big old ship jumped back to a station in lowsec. 

Although it wasn't ideal, in the end it have us something exciting to do! Chew on that highsec...

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