Saturday, 29 March 2014


It's time I set myself a few goals for the coming months! Now I've set goals in the past, some of which include 'I'm never drinking again' and 'yeah, I won't leave that until the last minute', both of which I have yet to achieve...

So here goes, I figured if I make them public it might help me get there:

My first goal I think is standard across the majority of wormholers, and many other Eve players:

1) PvP - become good less bad at it!

Skill training wise, I wish to create a near perfect Proteus pilot out of TJ Tamil, his skill points are well placed but there is a long way to go!  Skill points aside, the only way to achieve this goal is practice practice practice, something I plan to do a lot of.

My second goal is inspired by the following message, brought to you by the Proteus:

Your group of 250mm Projectile Turret II misses
Your group of 250mm Projectile Turret II misses
Your group of 250mm Projectile Turret II misses
Your group of 250mm Projectile Turret II misses

2) Get a Tengu Alt

To the amusement of some of you, I enjoy PvE in wormholes - it's less monotonous because at any moment somebody could try and spoil your fun. I like that.  I am however rapidly finding out that the Proteus is sub par for this activity, and as I want to achieve goal number 1 I don't want to spend an age training for a Tengu. So saving for an alt seems like an appropriate work around (I'd welcome some thoughts on this).

My final goal for now, is inspired by goal number 2)

3) Finally save some ISK

Throughout my Eve career so far I have been entirely useless at ISK. Watching my wallet tick up and sitting on a fat pile of space money isn't high up my list of priorities.  I don't think I've ever had over 1 Billion, but I'll need a fair amount to get my hands on a Tengu alt!

I'm sure these goals will take me a number of months, but I shall update when I reach certain milestones!

I would appreciate any pointers you guys/girls have got - even if it's in the form of hunting me down, blowing me up and telling me what I did wrong!


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Meet the Neighbors

Whenever you move somewhere new, there is always a question about the people that will live near by.  Will it be a lovely old lady that will worry if you leave windows open? Or will it be somebody that likes to blast music out on full volume at ungodly hours in the morning? Perhaps a more accurate question to ask when considering Eve wormhole neighbors: will it be a mass murderer that is going to try and blow me up at every available opportunity?!

Well, Kupena met the people we share our home with as he was trying to roll the hole (a skill we need to perfect).  I was not online during our first meet and greet so missed the fun - but I guess this is eves version of taking around a freshly baked pie, introducing yourself and letting your new neighbor know that they can pop round and borrow eggs and milk whenever they run short!

Why howdy neighborito! Have some blaster Pie!

Well they have welcomed us to the neighborhood, and lesson learnt: perhaps it's not the best idea to go out and roll the hole on your own in the dodgy part of town! They made the first move, so now we have got to throw a new guys on the block party! Better start baking some cakes and grab some beers!

I'm sure I can write: To be continued.....

Learning to Hunt

As I've learnt, life in a wormhole is all about the hunt. You can hunt for PvP, PvE, a route to market - one way or another you've just get out there and poke around! 

It was exactly this that Kupena (my CEO) and I did the first night after moving in to the C4.  I was just testing out and learning about 'siggy', and chains in general when I noticed a miasmos on D-scan in a C3 a few jumps down the chain. I let Kupena know via teamspeak and he jumped down with his scout whilst I ran back to our PoS to jump into my brand new, never before flown in anger, cloaky Proteus.  

The 'cloakeus', a ship that has pounced on me in the past and that I have ALWAYS wanted to own.

About one jump away from our PoS Kupena announced that he had a retriever on scan, and was pinpointing it using D-Scan.  My heart raced as I thought that the corp, and I may get our first kill so I upped my click rate in a hope that would move me through space faster... After making it back Kupena updated me with news of a Tempest in system which had since vanished off of D-Scan. In better news, the retriever was still there - he either had  no idea we were in his home, about to pounce - or he knew exactly what we were up to and was laying a trap... The game was on.

Kupena had been busy watching the retriever chewing on ore, creating a safe warp-in bookmark for me. I entered warp towards the spot, and as the belt and retriever filled my screen and overview I got excited and nervous. I started to approach my prey, and as soon as I was in scram ranged dropped my cloak and targeted.  My heart raced as my blasters went to work, always thinking about what had happened to that tempest, was this a trap?  It's all about the unknown!  After 20 seconds or so the retriever went pop, and the pod just managed to escape my grasp. I re-cloaked and warped off to a safe, my hands shaking after our first successful hunt.

Now I need to get into range of something that can shoot back!  

Backgrounds and Beginnings

I know I’m safe, I know everything will be fine – so why am I on edge?

We have all been there; whether it is walking down a dark alley way at night, out in the woods, or sprinting up the stairs just after turning the lights off. My mind at least, has a fantastic ability to generate a gut wrenching sense of impending doom when deep down, on a rational level I know everything is absolutely fine.

Wormhole space has the ability to provoke this reaction. Nothing can physically hurt me, worst comes to worst I'll just watch some pixels explode, but it's the twist in my stomach when I see probes on scan, or hear the twang of a wormhole activation that draws me to chase a career inside unknown space. 

I first jumped into a wormhole during week one of my Eve career. I knew about D-Scan, so as soon as I was inside I hit scan. I scrolled through the list of moons and planets (god bless the moment I found the active overview settings box), I finally saw:

Sisters Combat Scanner Probes
Sisters Combat Scanner Probes
Sisters Combat Scanner Probes
Sisters Combat Scanner Probes
Sisters Combat Scanner Probes
Sisters Combat Scanner Probes
Sisters Combat Scanner Probes
Sisters Combat Scanner Probes

After doing the tutorial missions I knew what this meant, somebody is out there and somebody is looking for me. My hands shaking I smashed the jump button and held my breath until I was wrapped safe and sound in my high-security space comfort blanket. From this point I stayed in high sec, learnt how to mine, mission and generally mooch around space. I flipped from corp to corp to corp looking for something to spike my interest never quiet finding the right thing.

Eventually about a month into my Eve life, I decided that I'd chase that feeling I got when I jumped into W-space. I grabbed a scanning frigate and kitted it out with my newly found fitting knowledge and proceeded into low security space (baby steps.. slowly slowly). I scanned and scanned, gathered some ISK hacking and salvaging. After posting on the forums, I was contacted by a newly founded exploration corp which I joined. The CEO of this corp was a fantastic influence on my early career - helping shape my solid set of core skills, and helping me with ship choices. The corp moved into a c3 with a lowsec static and I continued tootling around lowsec gaining confidence in dealing with hostile situations. 

Eventually I hit the 10mil SP boundary and wanted to move on, the call of wormhole space proper was becoming too loud to ignore.  Handily, an old member of the corp I was in had founded his own wormhole corporation living in a c4 with c3 static.  A few days ago I joined up, and moved my assets into this space - commencing a new adventure!

I plan to document my learning curve (I'm still less than a year old) and the corps learning curve, and I hope you'll enjoy my stories!

Welcome to my Blog, 

TJ Tamil.