Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Different Direction

My posts have become infrequent, I have excuses - but who needs to hear them.  I'm slowly getting my act together and the posts will start to flow soon, but I would like to take this blog in a different direction.  When I first created this virtual record of my existence I had hopes of it being helpful/informative to any and all eve players interested in getting involved in wormhole space, but flitting back through my posts it seems to have spiraled into the mediocre adventures of a mediocre Eve player!  It is therefor my intention to turn this ship around - and create what I envisaged.  But in order to do that I need help, help from you. 

I would like to extend an invitation (read: semi desperate request/plee) for anybody interested to submit guest pieces, tutorials, or general thoughts here. I will of course be returning to my posts, projects and attempts at writing pieces of some interest to somebody of my own, but I'd really like to turn this place into a series of posts people can learn from!

I'm a huge advocate of hauling new people into wormholes by the scruff of their face, lets face it - judging by a lot of the stuff written on the forums the general consensus is we need help, we need content, and we need people. So anything that makes the intimidating accelerated Eve learning curve easier, in my opinion can't be a bad thing. 

So let me know, if you'd like to contribute great, if you'd like to know something, or have a request for me or another to try and write about something you want to know about get in touch!

To be continued...!

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