Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Don't stare at the sun!

My first day out on my own was full of lessons, for me at least. I jumped from highsec into a C2 and poked around the system, seeing nothing on D-Scan I dropped my probes and looked for another wormhole. I found another C2, and jumped in.  Refreshing D-scan I saw an Armageddon Battleship, a Helios and a Buzzard Covert Ops along with a tower. Activity! Hurrah, the first active wormhole I have been the ‘badguy’ in!

I set about locating the PoS, I’m still really slow at doing this, but I hope with practice I will get better.  During the time I spent D-Scanning for the PoS I saw the Geddon disappear and reappear a couple of time, I assumed it could be rolling a hole.  I finally found the PoS and entered warp, landing about 70km away.  Just as I landed the Helios swapped for an Epithal, an industrial specialized in hauling planetary interaction products – game on!

I switched my view to the Epithal so I could use the tracking camera and saw it aligning, but as it did it aligned straight for the bright blue sun in the centre of the system – and I couldn’t make out the planet it went towards, there were 4 planets in near the sun so I took a wild guess he went to the plasma planet (I assumed plasma because it is a rarer planet). I came out of warp 10 km away from the POCO to see no ship, I was disappointed so I turned around and warped back to the POS sitting and waiting. The Epithal was already back and aligning to another planet, in the sun again! I tried to follow him again but guessed wrong and landed at another abandoned POCO, I sighed and thought I’d wait. I pinged D-Scan constantly and saw the Epithal disappear and the Helios reappear, I had been foiled by a lack of sunglasses. I was a little annoyed but something I’m learning quickly is that this game revolved around patience.  I warped around the system a trying to see if I could find the Geddon, but he had gone as well.

After this frustrating disappointment I decided to move on, I dropped probes and found an EoL C1. When my proteus materialized on the other side I hit D-Scan and saw a Thanatos and a Nidhoggur, I checked the system again to make sure it was a C1 and it was – talk about overkill!  Now there isn’t much I can do to these ships a lone, but I have never actually seen a carrier in space before – so I thought I’d find the POS and do some sightseeing!

Some might consider this a wasted evening, no ISK was earnt, no pew was had. I don’t think that’s the case, I learnt that I need to be quicker with my decisions but practice makes perfect! I also saw something shiny for the first time! Hopefully tomorrow will bring a kill!


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