Thursday, 27 March 2014

Meet the Neighbors

Whenever you move somewhere new, there is always a question about the people that will live near by.  Will it be a lovely old lady that will worry if you leave windows open? Or will it be somebody that likes to blast music out on full volume at ungodly hours in the morning? Perhaps a more accurate question to ask when considering Eve wormhole neighbors: will it be a mass murderer that is going to try and blow me up at every available opportunity?!

Well, Kupena met the people we share our home with as he was trying to roll the hole (a skill we need to perfect).  I was not online during our first meet and greet so missed the fun - but I guess this is eves version of taking around a freshly baked pie, introducing yourself and letting your new neighbor know that they can pop round and borrow eggs and milk whenever they run short!

Why howdy neighborito! Have some blaster Pie!

Well they have welcomed us to the neighborhood, and lesson learnt: perhaps it's not the best idea to go out and roll the hole on your own in the dodgy part of town! They made the first move, so now we have got to throw a new guys on the block party! Better start baking some cakes and grab some beers!

I'm sure I can write: To be continued.....

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