Saturday, 29 March 2014


It's time I set myself a few goals for the coming months! Now I've set goals in the past, some of which include 'I'm never drinking again' and 'yeah, I won't leave that until the last minute', both of which I have yet to achieve...

So here goes, I figured if I make them public it might help me get there:

My first goal I think is standard across the majority of wormholers, and many other Eve players:

1) PvP - become good less bad at it!

Skill training wise, I wish to create a near perfect Proteus pilot out of TJ Tamil, his skill points are well placed but there is a long way to go!  Skill points aside, the only way to achieve this goal is practice practice practice, something I plan to do a lot of.

My second goal is inspired by the following message, brought to you by the Proteus:

Your group of 250mm Projectile Turret II misses
Your group of 250mm Projectile Turret II misses
Your group of 250mm Projectile Turret II misses
Your group of 250mm Projectile Turret II misses

2) Get a Tengu Alt

To the amusement of some of you, I enjoy PvE in wormholes - it's less monotonous because at any moment somebody could try and spoil your fun. I like that.  I am however rapidly finding out that the Proteus is sub par for this activity, and as I want to achieve goal number 1 I don't want to spend an age training for a Tengu. So saving for an alt seems like an appropriate work around (I'd welcome some thoughts on this).

My final goal for now, is inspired by goal number 2)

3) Finally save some ISK

Throughout my Eve career so far I have been entirely useless at ISK. Watching my wallet tick up and sitting on a fat pile of space money isn't high up my list of priorities.  I don't think I've ever had over 1 Billion, but I'll need a fair amount to get my hands on a Tengu alt!

I'm sure these goals will take me a number of months, but I shall update when I reach certain milestones!

I would appreciate any pointers you guys/girls have got - even if it's in the form of hunting me down, blowing me up and telling me what I did wrong!


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