Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bringing home the bacon

I hope that documenting my ISK making methods does not bore you to death! Heck I hope it's helpful to people starting out in W-Space, there are so many ways to make ISK in eve it's confusing sometimes. 

Since deciding I was going to attempt to save up and buy a new alt I’ve lost and replaced a Proteus, which isn’t an ideal way to start my savings drive! Saying that, I am not going to shy away from PvP at all, if I lose a ship I lose a ship but, I’ll try my best to reduce the amount of ‘gung ho’ I apply to certain situations. My current balance is 469mil, I’d like to get to 1bil by next week – so call that a target. I know this might be a dull read for some people, so I will limit these 'updates' to once a week.

Last night was the first time in a while I made a real effort to make ISK (sounds lazy I know). My usual routine when logging in is to: check coms, check the mapper to see what the chain is like and get into space in a scanning ship to have a look around. Instead of doing that, I decided to take stock of what I had in space; I trawled through my junk and ships and made a short ‘to get’ list for my ISK making mission. This list looks something like this:

  • Mining Mods for Prospect (Don’t judge me)
  • A dedicated PvE ship or 2 (You have to spend money to make money eh..)
  • Salvage destroyer
  • A bunch of specific hardeners/ammo/drones to suit the rats in various regions of nullsec
  • Exotic dancers
As I was making this list a member of the corp (very kindly!) donated a fully fitted RR dominix to me for isk making purposes, which was amazing! I have promised to pay back the isk when I am 'space rich'

After my domestic duties were done I jumped into a scanning ship and took stock of the chain. Ignoring the call to hop into j - space and look for people doing silly things I instead jumped into the first of two direct nullsec connections we had. Nobody in local and 6 signatures greeted me, an awesome start! I set about scanning and soon resolved two gas sites hidden amongst an EoL nullsec wormhole and a couple of combat sites. Now, I’ve spent the sum total of 2 hours in nullsec, so I had to google the sites and soon discovered they held a combined 200 million ISK worth of Golden Cytoserocin!

I gleefully skipped (in a very manly fashion) back to the SMA and reshipped into a very poorly fit prospect and headed back out to start sucking all that juicy gas. Whilsed in nullsec I found myself wrapped in the lovely security blankie of the local channel, the gasing was all going very well and I was only half paying attention like any good miner. Then, all of a sudden my shield alarms went off and I panicked and warped off to a random moon (much to the amusement of the people listening to me on coms thinking I was about to enter PvP with an invisible gas cloud…). Assessing the damage, it turns out this stuff hits you for 800 – and it does this repeatedly. Without a shield extender that’s quite a lot!

Tail between my legs I set off back to the SMA so I could actually put some effort into fitting my prospect only to find I hadn’t got a Medium Shield Extender (MSE) ‘in stock’. I went back to my shopping list and made a small addition of more utility mods, and rigs and stole a MSE from my Enyo.  Back I went, feeling confident that no puny gas cloud could harm me! I spent the rest of the evening bouncing between the two gas sites filling my boots with evaporated ISK. I spent the final 20 minutes of my playtime scanning down a relic and data in the system next door and netted some more loot. I then thought it’d be amusing to steal from a siphon unit but I only managed to grab 440,000 isk worth, hardly master theft of the century. All in all I netted an estimated 186 million ISK, a figure I am very pleased with!

I know that stacking items is a thing - I just feel like I have more stuff this way...

It’s certainly not the most exciting evening on eve, but there is something about setting yourself a task and completing it that I enjoy.  My next mission is to make sure I am properly supplied to earn ISK! Wormhole logistics can be the worst sometimes.

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