Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Buying a new me?

I am contemplating attempting to buy a replacement for my alt. TJ is my second attempt at a character and thanks to the guidance of others he has very well placed skill points – and hence has become my main.  My alt (while having more SP than TJ) has a more eclectic mix of skill points, most of which don’t suit my needs any more. I have always browsed the character bazaar, watching fantastic characters come and go but I have resisted buying one in the past. A small part of my being able to resist the temptation of an all singing, all dancing character is due to me wanting to learn to play the game properly, but largely due to my tremendous ability not to make any isk – what so ever. 

So, why the change of mindset? Why do I want to try and replace my faithful alt? Well I feel as if I have gotten to the point where I have learnt enough about the game, and would like some more flexibility to try my hand a new things.  TJ needs his core skills boosting a little – which will take the next few months of training, core skills are important – but so is having fun! I get a little frustrated watching my alliance mates hop from HICs into Carriers, into fast tackles then a range of t3s, ECM ships, the list goes on. It also sets me a new goal in game, it’s easy to burn out on eve but having and achieving goals keeps people subbed and playing.  My last goal was getting into a proteus and flying it well.  Now I have the proteus, it’s fantastic! But I won’t be able to set myself another ‘ship’ goal until my months of core skills are done.

So, how to raise the ISK? There is a wealth (pun intended) of material a simple google search away on market trading, incursions, ratting blah blah blah – basically get rich guides.  I seem to have real problems making ISK – I’m lazy! But equally it’s something I’ve never really set my mind to. I’ve maintained a wallet balance of around a billion for the last month or two, soaking up losses, making small amounts of ISK here and there, but that’s not going to get me the new character! 

I intend to have a dabble in the market – but I feel I will have limited success here, sitting looking at numbers/items/profit margins does not interest me, being in space does. I will try my best to suck gas, find combat sites, rat, scan, hack; the list goes on but I’ll be taking full advantage of my C5 home! I won’t have any of the ‘classic’ PvE ships at my disposal, I don’t have many shield skills and I mainly use blasters. But I’m sure there are work arounds! 

My aim is somewhere around 10 – 15 bil, I’d like to do it inside of 3 months, but the way I make ISK the new character might turn out to be a late Christmas present to myself! Only time will tell, and if I change my mind about spending it on an alt that’s a hell of a lot of care free PvP I can enjoy!

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