Saturday, 17 May 2014

First Capital Kill

I know I said I wouldn't return until I got blown up... but kills....

This story starts with two Bestower industrial ships being spotted leaving our static and heading down the chain to the highsec, at the time the chain looked like this:

Home > C5s > C5a > C3a > HSa 
                                        |_ C5c

After a morning of huffing gas and bringing in supplies this sounded like fun. We tracked the pilots to Jita, formed up in cloakies and then we sat and waited, and waited... and waited.. and waited...

During the wait people went poking around our other connections and noted a loki, chimera and orca online in another C5 connected to the static, we largely ignored them though - not much chance of killing anything with that Chimera about eh.

After much waiting, we saw the two Bestower pilots leave Jita, and this is where things started getting interesting, and a little bit weird. Scouts local to C5a started jumping around, we figured to scout out for their returning industrial, a pod and a Covops belonging to the C5c corp jumped past our cloaky hole camp and continued on their way to highsec. Then nothing. So we waited... and waited...

Finally the scout inside C3a reported an Absoultion command ship on scan, this must be that pod returning - screw the Bestowers we have waited long enough! "Hole fire", bubbles went up and the party started!

The Absolution started to drop, he was tanked well but the fleets DPS was slowly grinding him down. As he headed back to the hole to try and jump out of our trap a few of us jumped through to catch him, his desperate attempts to jump free of our trap left him in the loving arms of two proteus', who proceeded to finish him off. As the Absolution was going down an Orca arrived on field... was this our birthday?!

Bubbles were reapplied and we went to town on the Orca, all the while scouts feeding us information about the Chimera heading our way. Now we needed to drop this orca before the carrier got here to rescue it - which we achieved just in time.

Now for the capital - he was in trouble and none of us really understood the series of events that lead us to this part of the story, but who care fireworks to be had.  Pings went out on Jabber and afk members were poked in the face, a cap destroying fleet was assembled in a matter of minutes. 

Guardians were scrambled to give the neuting ships cap and offer some protection against the fighters from the carrier. The only real moment of panic came when a mobile depot was deployed, but we quickly dispatched it before he carrier could refit to escape. After about 5 minutes of shooting, excitement and prayers to Bob the carrier went down. Champagne was opened and loot was pillaged.

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